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Our products are organic, produced from ecologically clean regions of the country without preservatives, enhancers and colorants. We working directly with manufacturers, which guarantees better price and quality. We can offer customer label personalizing. "INVESTMENT ALLIANCE" Cooperative is a voluntary association of individuals with variable capital and a variable number of members that, through mutual assistance and cooperation and on the basis of international cooperative principles, realizing commercial activities to satisfy their interests and needs. The cooperative is a legal entity separate from its members constituted under the Law on Cooperatives and carries out its activities in accordance with the Law on Cooperatives, the Commercial Law and other normative acts in compliance with the cooperative principles established by the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA).
In their activities, the Cooperative bodies are guided and comply with the co-operative principles: Voluntary membership, Democratic governance by the members, Economic participation of the members, Autonomy and independence, Co-operation between members and community attention.
The scope of activity is: production and trading with goods and services in the original, processed or finalized type, import, export, re-export, international and domestic tourism, production, purchase and processing of agricultural products, hotel-keeping, catering, transport services, marketing, advertising, engineering, representation, design, construction, investment and consultant activities, software development, qualificational and motivational training of cadres in the field of secondary and higher education, of scientific and development activities, printing and publishing, crediting of its members through Loan society, as well as carrying out any other activity not prohibited by the law, but those activities which require a permit or license will be practise after receiving of the corresponding permit or license.
To develop its activities, the Co-operative:
1. Develops plans and programs;
2. Acquires, run and manage movable and immovable property;
3. Takes care of the continuous increasing of the member-co-operators and their shareholding;
4. Participates in the establishment of inter-co-operative enterprises and implements integration links for the development of joint business activity with other economic units while preserving its legal autonomy;
5. Performs functions and activities necessary to satisfy the common interest of its members, while along with its commercial activity, doing social, educational and cultural activities;
6. The co-operative carries out its activities both with local and foreign non-members.

To carry out its activities, the Co-operative:
1. Acquires movable and immovable property, builds its own material and technical base and establishes co-operative or inter-co-operative enterprises;
2. Establish its own co-operative enterprises (limited liability companies - Ltd. or sole owner joint stock companies) under the terms and conditions of the Law on Co-operatives and the Commercial Law.
3. Participates in inter-cooperative enterprises, co-operative trading companies and co-operative holdings.
4. Participates in other commercial companies under the Commercial Law.

The co-operative establishes, participates or is a member of co-operative unions built on an extraterritorial, territorial or specialised basis.
The co-operative carries out its activities directly or through its branches and representations in the country and abroad, the structure and activities of branches and representations are regulated by rules approved by the General Meeting.

The current projects of our Co-operative are:
1. Attractive properties in SPA, mountain and sea resorts for building of holiday villages and entertainment complexes for active recreation.
2. City properties for rent and management.
3. Financing and managing of projects in the production and international trade fields.
4. Development of international markets and trading with goods produced in Bulgaria.
5. Developing of products in the IT sector and supporting of innovative solutions.
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